Friday, September 5, 2008

Special Notes on Pepper Spray safety and use

Pepper Spray is a great choice for protection. It is important to note that pepper spray may not always be the right choice for all situations. It does have limitations and concerns that must be taken into account before use. Things that must be considered are enclosed spaces, self contamination, wind, the physical or mental state of the assailant, multiple assailants, decontamination and other unforeseen factors that can seriously limit its effectiveness and ultimately the final results. Pepper Spray is an inflammatory agent that will inflame capillaries, cause temporary blindness, due to swollen capillaries, cut off all but life support breathing, cause hacking/coughing and intense burning. These symptoms will last anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours. All pepper sprays must be aimed directly at the face of your attacker. Direct hits any place other than the face will NOT be effective. The best technique for deploying pepper spray is to aim, fire and move either back or to the side. Then observe your attacker and if he/she continues to pursue repeat the process until he/she has halted his/her attack.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions About Pepper Spray

Is pepper spray legal?

In most states pepper spray is legal to possess and carry. You should check with your local law enforcement office or your states Attorney Generals office for any regulations your state may have. There are states where pepper spray is legal but there may be size, age or OC concentration restrictions. You should check on these restrictions as well.

Is there anyplace where I cannot carry my pepper spray?

Yes. You cannot carry pepper spray on board commercial aircraft. This is a Federal crime that can carry up to a $25,000 dollar fine. It is ok to carry pepper spray in your checked baggage although it is highly advisable that you notify the ticketing agent when you check your baggage. Also since 9/11/01 you may have issues when carrying pepper spray into secured locations such as a Federal buildings, State buildings or anyplace where you pass through a security checkpoint. Although there are no laws that we are aware of you should use your common sense here.

How does pepper spray work?

Pepper spray's active ingredient is OC or oleoresin capsicum. The OC is derived from Cayenne peppers these are some of the hottest peppers in the world. Unlike MACE or tear gas, which are irritants, pepper spray OC is an inflammatory agent. Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) causes immediate dilation of the capillaries. This can result in temporary blindness and instant inflammation of the breathing tube tissues and systematically cuts of all but life support breathing. OC also will create an intense burning sensation on the surface of the skin. However, OC will cause no lasting after effects. The effects last from 15 to 60 minutes. Because OC is an inflammatory agent and not an irritant it is effective on those who feel no pain such as psychotics and those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When should I use my pepper spray?

Although no defense item is 100% effective in every situation you will need to assess the situation as it happens. You should ONLY use pepper spray if you are threatened or your life is in danger. please note that it IS a crime to use pepper spray to commit malicious acts.

How do I use my pepper spray?

If you have to use your pepper spray make sure you have distance between you and the threat if at all possible. Aim the spray at the eyes and facial region of the threat then release a 1 to 2 second burst of spray. After you have done this MOVE out of the way but keep your eyes on the threat. Pepper spray can take a couple of moments to cause a reaction and by watching the reactions of the threat you will be able to determine if you will require another shot of pepper spray. Boxers have a saying "Stick and Move" well the same applies here. Just remember "Spray and Move", "Spray and Move". Once the threat is eliminated seek help and call the police. You may also wish to get a Tactical Use of Defense Spray Manual. It is loaded with useful tips on using defense sprays. This booklet can be found on all of our pepper spray purchase pages.

What is pepper spray made of?

Pepper spray is a derivative of Cayenne pepper. The oils are extracted from the pepper using a high-pressure process. This process leaves you with the active ingredient in pepper spray known as OC or OleoResin Capsicum. The pure pepper extract is then diluted with an inert ingredient that reduces the SHU or Scoville Heat Unit to get it down to a useable SHU for pepper spray. SHU is a unit of measurement that determines how hot something is the rating goes from 1 million SHU up to 5 million SHU. 1 million SHU is detectable on the palette in concentrations as little as 1 part per million or 1 drop of OC in 1 million drops of water. All of our sprays are 2 million SHU and in much higher concentrations than 1 part per million.

Will my pepper spray expire?

Yes. That is why we print an expiration date on every can of pepper spray. ( except the fox sprays they expire 2 years from the purchase date.) Usually all other sprays expiration date is 3 to 4 years from the date of purchase. Although the spray life is indefinite it does start to lose potency over time. Any use of the spray beyond the expiration date is HIGHLY unadvisable. We strongly advise you to replace your pepper spray every year! That way you are always assured of the potency of the spray.

How can I be assured my pepper spray will work when I need it?

You should get in the habit of testing your defense spray every 90 days. To do this first go outside and determine which direction the wind is blowing. Remember to always stand upwind from the direction you are spraying. Depress the firing mechanism for ½ second. This test should be performed upon purchase and every 90 days after that. Be aware that every time you test your spray you reduce the contents of the canister. If you are using a key chain model and you test regularly you will need to replace the unit every 9 to 12 months if you follow the recommended testing procedure above. See the reference chart on the back of the packaging for additional information.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Facts & Figures on Violence Against Women

Sexual Violence

Although women are more at risk of violence from their intimate partners than from other persons, sexual violence by non-partners is also common in many settings. According to the 2006 In-Depth Study of the Secretary-General: “Sexual violence by non-partners refers to violence by a relative, friend, acquaintance, neighbor, work colleague or stranger. Estimates of the prevalence of sexual violence by non-partners are difficult to establish, because in many societies, sexual violence remains an issue of deep shame for women and often for their families. Statistics on rape extracted from police records, for example, are notoriously unreliable because of significant underreporting”.

It is estimated that worldwide, one in five women will become a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. In a randomly selected study of nearly 1,200 ninth-grade students in Geneva, Switzerland, 20 percent of girls revealed they had experienced at least one incident of physical sexual abuse. According to the 2005 multi-country study on domestic violence undertaken by the WHO, between 10 and 12 percent of women in Peru, Samoa and Tanzania have suffered sexual violence by non-partners after the age of 15. Other population-based studies reveal that 11.6 percent of women in Canada reported sexual violence by a non-partner in their lifetime, and between 10 and 20 percent of women in New Zealand and Australia have experienced various forms of sexual violence from non-partners, including unwanted sexual touching, attempted rape and rape .

In many societies, the legal system and community attitudes add to the trauma that rape survivors experience. Women are often held responsible for the violence against them, and in many places laws contain loopholes which allow the perpetrators to act with impunity. In a number of countries, a rapist can go free under the Penal Code if he proposes to marry the victim.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Safety Tips

* Safety Tips *

All of the Safety Tips in this section were compiled from the NATIONAL CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL (NCPC)

Basic Street Smarts

...Wherever you are, on the street, in a parking lot, shopping mall, driving, waiting for a bus or subway..STAY ALERT and tuned in to your surroundings.

...Send the message that you’re calm, confident, and know where you are going.

...Trust your instincts. If something or someone makes you uneasy, avoid the person or leave.

...Know the neighborhoods where you live and work. Check out the locations of police and fire stations, public telephones, hospitals, and restaurants, or stores that are open late.

On Foot

...Stick to well-traveled streets. Avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots, or alleys.

...Don’t flash large amounts of cash or other tempting targets like expensive jewelry or clothing.

...Carry a purse close to your body, not dangling by the straps. Put a wallet in an inside coat or front pants pocket not in a back pocket.

...Try to use automated teller machines in the daytime. Have your card in hand and don’t approach the machine if you are uneasy about people nearby.

...Don’t wear shoes or clothing that restrict your movements.

...Have your car or house keys in hand before you reach the door.

...If you think someone is following you, switch directions or cross the street, walk toward an open store, restaurant, lighted house. If you are scared yell for help.

...Have to work late? Make sure that there are others in the building, and ask someone..a colleague or security guard to walk you to your car or transit stop.

On Wheels

...Keep your car in good running condition. Make sure there’s enough gas to get where you are going and back.

...Always roll up the windows and lock car doors, even if you’re coming right back. Check inside and outside before getting in.

...Avoid parking in isolated areas. Be especially alert in lots and underground parking garages.

...If you think someone is following you don’t head home. Drive to the nearest police station, fire station, gas station, or other open business to get help.

...Don’t pick up hitchhikers. Don’t hitchhike.

Safety for Walkers and Joggers

The best thing you can do to be safe while exercising is to join a jogging or walking club. Community centers and some retail stores that sell running and walking gear have these clubs. Safety in numbers!

Before You Go

...Plan your outing. Always tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Tell friends and family of your favorite exercise routes.

...Know where the telephones are located along the course.

...Wear an identification tag or carry a drivers license. If you do not have a place to carry your I.D., write your name phone number, and blood type on the inside of your athletic shoe. Include any medical information.

...Don’t wear jewelry or carry any cash.

...Wear reflective material.

On the Road

...Tell a friend or family member where you are going and what time you expect to be back.

...Stay alert at all times. The more aware you are the less vulnerable you are.

...Run or walk with a partner or a dog.

...Don’t wear headsets. If you wear them you won’t hear an approaching car or attacker.

...Consider carrying a cellular phone.

...Vary your route.

...Ignore verbal harassment. Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Look directly at others and be observant but keep your distance and keep moving.

...Run against traffic so you can observe approaching cars.

...If anything happens while you are out exercising call the police immediately when you get home. Remember to get a good description of the suspicious character.


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Friday, August 29, 2008

What is Pepper Spray?

What is Pepper Spray ?

OC is a derivative of HOT CAYENNE PEPPERS and is the newest defensive spray agent. It is not an irritant like the tear gases, but an inflammatory agent. Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) will cause IMMEDIATE dilation of the capillaries of the eyes, resulting in TEMPORARY BLINDNESS and instant inflammation of the breathing tube tissues, cutting off ALL BUT LIFE – SUPPORT BREATHING. OC will not deteriorate with age and unlike the tear gasses, WILL NOT CAUSE LASTING AFTER EFFECTS.
One of the biggest misconceptions about pepper spray is that the higher the percentage, the hotter and better it works. In most cases this could not be further from the truth. Most of the best, fastest incapacitating sprays in the world are from 2%-10%. The lighter the fluid, the faster it penetrates the membranes. The percentage has nothing to do with the actual SHU or "hot" in the spray. Also, thicker sprays can inflame the skin area more and last longer with this unnecessary inflammation. A good spray will put the attacker down and out allowing you to escape or take control of the situation.
OC has proven itself to be the ABSOLUTE BEST DETERRENT available for attacking dogs and wild animal control. Another advantage of OC is that it is not volatile and will not emit a lot of fumes like tear gases.
The term OC ( oleoresin capsicum ) is a horticultural term which refers to chili peppers. There are many different kinds of chili peppers ranging from jalapenos, chiletpin, and cayenne to habaneros. They all have one thing in common. They all contain a substance that is very powerful an alkaloid called capsaicin ( cap-say-a-sin ). Just a single drop of tasteless and odorless capsaicin in 100,000 drops of water and the heat can be noticeable. In fact, capsaicin can be detected by humans at one part per ten million!
Capsaicinoids are produced by a gland in the pepper’s placenta, which is the top partition just below the stem. This is also where the seeds are attached. The placenta is about 16 times stronger than any other part of the plant, any OC spray worth its salt will use its active ingredient made from this part.
Back in 1912, a pharmacologist named Wilbur Scoville came up with the standard for measuring the power of capsaicin. Called the Scoville Organoleptic Test, it was needed to calculate the temperature of peppers used in many pharmaceutical products of the time ( such as "Heet" which was used for the relief of sore muscles, arthritis pain and muscular sprains). Scoville measured the ground pepper into a mixture of sugar, water and alcohol. Then, a panel of five tasters sipped the mixture and gave it a grade; it took a majority of three to assign a value.
Today, the value is established through high technology, a computerized method called high-performance liquid chromatography. The pepper scale ranges from zero Scoville unit for a bell pepper to 5,000 or so for a jalapeno to a whopping 200,00-300,000 for a habanero! Pure capaicin is 15,000,000.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Liquor Store owner Pepper Sprays thief

An 18-year-old Lakewood man was arrested for suspicion of aggravated robbery, criminal mischief and unlawful acts after allegedly trying to steal two bottles of vodka from Parti Tyme Liquors, 1608 W. 92nd Ave. in Federal Heights, at 8:43 p.m. Oct. 27. According to the report, the owners magnetically locked the door when they thought the 18-year-old was trying to leave the store with the vodka. The 18-year-old then allegedly threatened to kill the two owners if they didn't let him leave, and punched the front glass door to try to get out, which shattered the door. The owners then pepper sprayed the 18-year-old with mace. Two other unidentified males then tried to get the 18-year-old, one allegedly brandishing a gun. They fled in a brown Jeep Cherokee. The man was taken to St. Anthony North Hospital before going to Federal Heights Police Department, where he allegedly refused to the name the other two males. Cost of the two bottles of vodka is $20. Cost to replace the glass door is $550.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Clerk saves her life against attacker with pepper spray

PITTSBURGH -- Police in Beechview are investigating a robbery attempt Friday morning
.According to police, a man walked into the Dollar Eagle discount store on Broadway Avenue and tried to rob the clerk.A scuffle ensued with the female clerk, who used pepper spray, police said
According to police, the man fled the scene. A blood trail led police to the corner of the street, where they believe he got into a vehicle
Police said the female clerk suffered serious injuries to her face and was transported to Mercy Hospital. According to police, she was so badly injured that she couldn't give a good description of the robber.
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